Jealco Belting

Belt # Picture Description # Ply Color Compound Top Cover Bottom Cover Thickness
Covers Working Tension PIW
Temp Range Minimum Pulley Diameter (Head)
Minimum Pulley Diameter (Tail)
Approx. Weight PIW
Clipper Lace Alligator Lace
158PVC 120 Black Mini Rough Top x BB0BlackNARTBare0.16RT x Bare1200/180F220.0742SSNA
232PHR2-160 AT Rough Top x BB0BlackNARTBare0.259RT x Bare0-20/225F440.0831125
167PVC 150 Black CBS0BlackNACC0.185C x C15010/180F2.52.50.13125
166PVC 150 Black Crescent Top x BB0BlackNACTBare0.25CT x Bare15010/180F330.0922125
165PVC 150 Green Super Grip RT x FS0GreenNARTFS0.32RT x FS15020/180F2.52.50.13187
164PVC 150 Black / Rough Top x BB0BlackNARTBare0.25RT x Bare15010/180F2.52.50.12125
163PVC 150 Black COS0BlackNACOSNA0.16COS x NA15010/180F330.082SSNA
162PVC 150 "S" Black Friction x Friction0BlackNAFSFS0.16FBS15010/180F330.0882125.
170PVC 200 Black COS0BlackNACOSNA0.21COS x NA20010/180F440.1184187
160PVC 120 PH Black Friction x Friction0BlackNAFSFS0.125FBS120-10/200F330.0911SSNA
171PVC 200 Black Crescent Top x BB0BlackNACTBare0.31CT x Bare20010/180F440.133187
157PVC 120 Black Crescent Top x BB LT0BlackNACTBare0.23CT x Bare120-30/180F220.091125
156PVC 120 Black Crescent Top x BB0BlackNACTBare0.23CT x Bare12010/180F220.091125
155PVC 120 Black CBS0BlackNACC0.16C x C12010/180F220.0832125
154PVC 120 Black COS Low-Temp0BlackNACOSNA0.13COS x NA120-30/180F220.0821125
153PVC 120 Black COS0BlackNACOSNA0.16COS x NA12010/180F220.0812125
152PVC 120 Black COS0BlackNACOSNA0.145COS x NA12010/180F220.081125
151PVC 120 Black FS x BB0BlackNAFSBare0.12FS x Bare12010/180F220.061125
320PVC 120 White Rough Top x FS0WhiteNARTFS0.31RT x FS120-10/180F220.091UX-1NA
179PVC 750 Black CBS0BlackNACC0.4C x C75010/180F18180.18NA375, R2
230PHR2-160 Black Light Impression x BB0BlackNANABare0.135NA x Bare0-20/210F3.53.50.071HT , 1SSNA
229PHR2-90MF Black0BlackNANANA0.15NA00/180F3.53.50.073HT , 3SSNA
223Ply 220 Black 1/16 x1/16 SOR-SC-FR0BlackNA1/16"1/16"0.27C x C220-30/200F12120.054NANA
218PHR3-135MF BB x BB Black0BlackNABareBare0.15Bare x Bare135-20/225F3.53.50.0752HT , 2SSNA
217PRL2-90SMF BB x BB Black0BlackNABareBare0.15Bare x Bare90-20/225F3.53.50.0752HT , 2SSNA
184PHR2-160 AT 1/32 x Bare0BlackNA1/32"Bare0.134C x B0-20/225440.071125
182PRL2-90SMF UB x BB Black0BlackNANABare0.075NA x Bare00/180F110.029UX1SP62.
169PVC 170 Red Super Grip RT x BB0RedNARTBare0.32RT x Bare1700/250F660.1172125
180PRL2-90SMF Longitudinal Rib x BB0BlackNALRBare0.124LR x Bare00/180F1.51.50.056UCM36SSNA
146PVC - 450 Black C x C0BlackPVCCC0.3125C x C4500/180F10100.194645
178PVC 450 Black CBS0BlackNACC0.35C x C45010/180F10100.18NA375, R2
177PVC 450 Black COS0BlackNACC0.33C x C45010/180F10100.17NANA
176PVC 350 Black CBS0BlackNACC0.32C x C25010/180F880.17NA375, R2
175PVC 300 Black CBS0BlackNACC0.3C x C30010/180F880.16NA375, R2
174PVC 250 Black CBS0BlackNACC0.25C x C25010/180F660.15NA375, R2
173PVC 250 Black COS0BlackNACOSNA0.22COS x NA25010/180F660.144187
172PVC 200 Black CBS0BlackNACC0.23C x C20010/180F440.134187
181PRL2-90SMF Black Matte x BB0BlackNANABare0.35NA x Bare010/180F10100.18NA375, R2.
31Polyveyor .5 CFM Rated0WhiteNANANA0.25Polyveyor60-60/310F000.062NANA
92PVC - 120 Black Roughtop x FS0BlackPVCRTFS0.25RT x FS1200/180F220.0917
50Double Leather0TanLeatherLeatherNA0.25Leather x NA0NA550.119Light: 4-1/2; Medium 6; Heavy: 7Light: 27; Medium 45; Heavy: 55
49Single Leather0TanLeatherLeatherNA0.1563Leather x NA0NA2.52.50.069Medium: 2; Heavy: 3Medium: 20; Heavy: 25
48Urethane 12000BrownUrethane1/32"FS0.125C x FS1200/1/8"8F330.062115
36Polyveyor / Kevlar0Yellow / WhiteKevlar3/8"Kevlar Top0.375Kevlar Top45Continuous: 500F; Intermittent: 600F440.05427
35WPHP Solid Woven Polyester0WhiteSWPNANA0.1875SWP90-60/310F330.062325
34WPMP Solid Woven Polyester0WhiteSWPNANA0.2188SWP120-60/310F440.069535
148PVC - 90 Black C x FS0BlackPVCCFS0C x FS900/180F000NANA
32Polyveyor 1.5 CFM Rated0WhiteNANANA0.25Polyveyor60-60/310F000.063NANA
95PVC - 200 Black Crescent Top x FS0BlackNACTFS0.31251/8" Crescent Shapes x FS2000/180F440.113427
30PVC - 120 White Crescent Top x FS0WhitePVCCTFS0.2813CT x FS1200/180F2.52.50.07537
29PVC - 100 White Chevron Top II x FS0WhitePVCCHV IIFS0.2188CHV II x FS1000/180F2.52.50.06417
28PVC - 100 White Roughtop x FS0WhitePVCRTFS0.2656RT x FS1000/180F2.52.50.06317
2790 White PVC C x FS0WhitePVCCFS0.1094C x FS900/180F1.51.50.06217
26120 White PVC C x FS0WhitePVCCFS0.1406C x FS1200/180F2.52.50.069215
25200 White PVC C x C0WhitePVCCC0.2344C x C2000/180F660.1314-1/227
24450 White PVC C x C0WhitePVCCC0.3594C x C4500/180F10100.194645
33WPLP Solid Woven Polyester0WhiteSWPNANA0.25SWP180-60/310F440.075427
137PVC - 120 Black C x FS0BlackPVCCFS0.1406C x FS1200/180F2.52.50.069215
161PVC 150 Black FS x BB0BlackNAFSBare0.135FS x Bare15010/180F2.52.50.071125
145PVC - 350 Black C x C0BlackPVCCC0.2813C x C3500/180F880.163535
144PVC - 200 Black FS x FS0BlackPVCFSFS0.1875FBS2000/180F660.0944-1/225
143PVC - 200 Black C x FS0BlackPVCCFS0.2031C x FS2000/180F660.1064-1/225
142PVC - 200 Black C x C0BlackPVCCC0.2344C x C2000/180F660.1194-1/227
141PVC - 150 Black FS x FS0BlackPVCFSFS0.125FBS1500/180F330.056115
140PVC - 150 Black C x FS0BlackPVCCFS0.1563C x FS1500/180F330.075215
93PVC - 120 Green Supergrip Roughtop x FS0GreenPVCRTFS0.2813RT x FS1200/180F330.07517
138PVC - 120 Black FS x FS0BlackPVCFSFS0.1094FBS1200/180F220.05617
94PVC - 120 Black Crescent Top x FS0BlackNACTFS0.251/8" Crescent Shapes x FS1200/180F330.07517
136PVC - 120 Black C x C0BlackPVCC3/32"0.1563C x C1200/180F2.52.50.075215
135PVC - 100 Black Chevron Top II x FS0BlackPVCCHV IIFS0.2344CHV II x FS1000/180F2.52.50.08817
1341" Skirtboard0BlackSkirtboardNANA1Smooth0-25/225F000.525NANA
1333/4" Skirtboard0BlackSkirtboardNANA0.75Smooth0-25/225F000.469NANA
1321/2" Skirtboard0BlackSkirtboardNANA0.5Smooth0-25/225F000.281NANA
1313/8" Skirtboard0BlackSkirtboardNANA0.375Smooth0-25/225F000.181NANA
1301/4" Skirtboard0BlackSkirtboardNANA0.25Smooth0-25/225F000.144NANA
147PVC - 750 Black C x C0BlackPVCCC0.4063C x C7500/180F14140.225755
139PVC - 150 Black C x C0BlackPVCCC0.1875C x C1500/180F330.057320
2822 MF White Polyurethane Pebble Top0WhitePolyurethanePTNA0.093NA0-5/212F1.51.50.046UCM36SPNA
2801 MF White Polyurethane0WhitePolyurethaneNANA0.12NA010/180F220.06NA125
2772 MF White Nipple Top0WhiteNANTNA0.11NA014/158F1.181.180.042UCM36SPNA
2762 MF White Heavy Polyurethane0WhitePolyurethaneNANA0.07NA0-4/212F0.50.50.034UCM 36NA
2742 MF White Inverted Pyramid0WhiteNANANA0.1NA014/158F220.048UCM36SPNA
2732 MF White Polyurethane0WhitePolyurethaneNANA0.05NA0-22/176F0.60.60.02236SPNA
2672 MF White PU (N)(AS)0WhiteNANANA0.051NA0-4/212F0.50.50.02536SPNA
284TPU-3 Blue0BlueNANANA0.118NA0-20/140F0.150.150.048NANA
285TPU-3 Blue Inverted Pyramid0BlueNANANA0.12NA0-20/140F0.150.150.0492NA
257Ulti-Mate 80 Black0BlackNANANA0.1NA80-10/176F110.0336SP62
256Ulti-Mate 140 HM SD Black0BlackNANANA0.145NA14010/250F220.042SP62
255Ulti-Mate 140 Black0BlackNANANA0.14NA140-10/175F220.04262
2541.77" Drive Belt0BlackNANANA0.162NA0-10/176440.08NANA
253Polymate Klingtop Nitrile Brown0BrownPolyurethane, NitrileNANA0.28NA0-10/175F330.0755125
298Trackmate 447 Black Rough Top0BlackNARTNA0.2RT x NA0-10/180F330.072HT, 2SSNA
310FHW-3-SD Super Drive0Blue / WhiteNANANA0.118NA0-5/170F660.062NANA
312Trackmate 713 Black0BlackNANANA0.17NA0-10/180F330.172125
313PVC 120 White COS0WhiteNACOSNA0.135COS x NA120-10/180F110.1711NA
306Polymate Klingtop Black0BlackPolyurethaneNANA0.28NA0-10/175F330.0752125
305Ulti-Mate 140 HM BOS Black0BlackNANANA0.14NA140-10/175F220.042SP62.
304Trackmate 120 Black0BlackNANANA0.115NA12010/175F220.04162
319PVC 120 White Crescent Top x BB0WhiteNACTBare0.24CT x Bare120-10/180F330.09UX-1NA
303Trackmate 120 Black Rough Top0BlackNARTNA0.225RT x NA120-10/180F3.53.50.0751NA
302Trackmate 135 Black Longitudinal Rib0BlackNALRNA0.173LR x Bare135-10/180F220.07462SPNA
301Trackmate 135 Black Longitudinal Rib x BB0BlackNALRBare0.173LR x Bare135-10/180F220.0742HT, 2SSNA
300Ulti-Mate 240 Green0GreenNANANA0.22NA24010/175F550.074-1/2187
283TPU-2 Blue0BlueNANANA0.079NA0-20/140F1.251.250.047NANA
299Ulti-Mate 240 Black0BlackNANANA0.22NA24010/175F550.074-1/2187
289TPU-3 Tan0TanNANANA0.118NA0-20/140F1.51.50.054NANA
297Trackmate 533 Black0BlackNANANA0.15NA0-10/180F220.0612SP125
296Trackmate 529 Black0BlackNANANA0.12NA010/180F220.061HT, UCM36SSNA
295Polymate 120 Black0BlackPolyurethaneNANA0.115NA12010/175F220.04162
294Polymate 135 COS-W+150WhitePolyurethaneCOSNA0.145COS x NA13510/180F220.058U2NA
2932 NF PU-AM Blue0BlueNANANA0.022NA0-4/212F0.50.50.0536SPNA
292Polymate 100 R Black0BlackPolyurethaneNANA0.3NA10010/180F880.16NA375, R2
307Polymate Rufftop Black0BlackPolyurethaneRTNA0.11RT x NA010/160F220.0751NA
290TPU-4 Tan0TanNANANA0.157NA0-20/140F2.52.50.085NANA
288-A TPU-3 Blue Reinforced0BlueNANANA0.115NA0-5/170F220.054UX-1SPNA
287TPU-2 Tan0TanNANANA0.079NA0-20/140F1.251.250.05NANA
286-A TPU-2 Blue Reinforced0BlueNANANA0.076NA0-5/170F1.251.250.05UCM36SP,ANA
159PVC 120 Black / Rough Top x BB0BlackNARTBare0.23RT x Bare12010/180F220.091125
2101-Ply 440 Black 1/4 x 1/81BlackNA1/4"1/8"0.531C x C440-20/212F18180.272NANA
2001-Ply 330 Black 1/4 x 1/81BlackNA1/4"1/8"0.52C x C330-20/212F16160.185NANA
712-Ply 150 Black Roughtop x Bare2BlackNARTBare0.2813RT x Bare150-40/250F220.111
692-Ply 160 Black 1/8" x Bare MOR2BlackNA1/8"Bare0.2188C x B160-25/225F660.14-1/227
682-Ply 150 Black 1/32" x Bare2BlackNA1/32"Bare0.125C x B150-25/225F660.069215
672-Ply 220 Tan Bare x Bare2TanNABareBare0.1563Bare x Bare220-25/225F880.069115
2312-Ply 150 Black Rough Top x BB2BlackNARTBare0.28RT x Bare150-30/212F220.091125
152-Ply Poly 60 White Nitrile Pebbletop2WhiteNitrilePTNA0.0938PT x FS600/250F220.051A7
722-Ply 150 Tan Roughtop x Bare2TanNARTBare0.2813RT x Bare150-40/250F220.111
1262-Ply 220 3/16" x 1/16" Heat Resistant 400F2BlackNA3/16"1/16"0.375C x C220-20/400F000.194NANA
2912-Ply MF Blue Rough Top x BB2BlueNARTBare0.26RT x Bare00/250F220.0861NA
212-Ply Solid Woven Cotton2WhiteSWC3/64"NA0.0938C x FS45-40/225F1.51.50.16517
2242-Ply 220 3/64 x 3/64 Mini-Bucket Top2BlackNA3/64"3/64"0.413C x C220-30/225F10100.15NANA
52-Ply Poly 60 White Nitrile COS2WhiteNitrile1/32"FS0.0781C x FS600/250F1.51.50.0991D1
2202-Ply Solid Woven Cotton2WhiteSWCNANA0.094NA0-60/225F110.028UX-1SPNA
1242-Ply 220 3/16" x 1/16" Hot Asphalt SOR2BlackNitrile3/16"1/16"0.375C x C22010/300F16100.213NANA
1022-Ply 220 1/8" x 1/16"2BlackSBR1/8"1/16"0.3125C x C220-25/225F16100.15NANA
892-Ply 150 Black Wedgegrip x Bare2BlackNAWGBare0.2813Diamond Shaped Walls x Bare150-40/250F330.10611
902-Ply 150 Tan Wedgegrip x Bare2TanNAWGBare0.2813Diamond Shaped Walls x Bare150-40/250F330.08111
782-Ply 160 Tan Pure Gum Roughtop Bare2TanPure GumRTBare0.2813RT x Bare160-40/250F330.111
2332-Ply 150 Tan Rough Top x BB2TanNARTBare0.297RT x Bare150-30/180F440.0891125
972-Ply 150 1/16" x Bare Mini Cleattop2BlackNA1'16"Bare0.1875MCLT x Bare150NA660.125215
982-Ply 150 1/32" x 1/32"2BlackSBR1/32"1/32"0.1563C x C150-25/225F660.088320
992-Ply 150 1/16" x 1/32"2BlackSBR1/16"1/32"0.1875C x C150-25/225F660.119325
1892-Ply 220 Black 1/32 x Bare2BlackNA1/32"Bare0.172C x B220-20/200F880.092125
1012-Ply 150 1/8" x 1/16"2BlackSBR1/8"1/16"0.2813C x C150-25/225F1280.156NANA
72-Ply Poly 90 White Nitrile COS2WhiteNitrile3/64"FS0.1094C x FS900/250F220.0621A7
1032-Ply 220 1/8" x 1/16" SC/MOR2BlackSBR / Nitrile1/8"1/16"0.3125C x C220-25/225F16100.156NANA
1042-Ply 220 1/8" x 1/16" MSHA/SC/MOR2BlackSBR / Nitrile1/8"1/16"0.3125C x C220-25/225F16100.181NANA
1052-Ply 220 1/16" x 1/16" MSHA/SC/SOR2BlackSBR / Nitrile1/16"1/16"0.2188C x C220-30/185F16100.182NANA
1062-Ply 220 5/32" x 3/32" MSHA-SBR2BlackSBR5/32'3/32"0.375C x C220-25/225F16100.183NANA
1072-Ply 220 3/16" x 1/16"2BlackSBR3/16"1/16"0.3438C x C220-25/225F16100.181NANA
1092-Ply 220 3/16" x 1/16" SC/MOR2BlackSBR / Nitrile3/16"1/16"0.3438C x C220-25/225F16100.188NANA
732-Ply 2100 Gray Roughtop x Bare2GrayNARTBare0.3125RT x Bare210-40/250F661.06215
1002-Ply 150 1/8" x 1/32"2BlackSBR1/8"1/32"0.25C x C150-25/225F1280.144NANA
1952-Ply 220 1/8 x 1/16 Vee-Cleat2BlackNA1/8"1/16"0.552C x C220-40/225F12120.203NANA
442-Ply 15 oz Black Nitrile COS2BlackNitrile3/64"FS0.0938C x FS350/250F1.51.50.0561A7
2702-Ply MF Green COS2GreenNACOSNA0.08COS x NA014/158F1.31.30.039262
2692-Ply MF Gray Longitudinal Rib x BB2GrayNALRBare0.118NA x Bare0-20/225F1.51.50.038UCM36NA
2402-Ply 150 Tan Diamond Top x BB2TanNADTBare0.306DT x Bare150-40/250F2.52.50.1082125
1682-Ply PVC 150# Black CBS2BlackNACC0.16C x C150-20/180F2.52.50.0882125
3092-Ply MF Green Basket Weave x BB2GreenNABWBare0.083BW x Bare023/176F1.251.250.04UCM36SPNA
3082-Ply MF Green Basket Weave x BB2GreenNANABare0.09NA x Bare023/176F220.044UCM36SPNA
2012-Ply 240 Black 1/16 x Bare MOR2BlackNA1/16"Bare0.203C x B240-20/200F12120.094NANA
1992-Ply 220 Black 3/16 x 1/16 EPDM2BlackNA3/16"1/16"0.37C x C220-25/400F10100.184NANA
2722-Ply MF Green Rough Top x BB2GreenNARTBare0.217NA014/176F220.068UCM36NA
1962-Ply 220 1/8 x 1/16 MOR Vee-Cleat2BlackNA1/8"1/16"0.552C x C220-40/225F12120.203NANA
102-Ply Poly 100 White RMV COS2WhiteRMV3/64"FS0.125C x FS1000/180F220.06217
1942-Ply 220 Black 3/16 x 1/16 MOR2BlackNA3/16"1/16"0.37C x C220-20/200F10100.193NANA
1932-Ply 220 Black 3/16 x 1/162BlackNA3/16"1/16"0.37C x C220-20/212F10100.152NA375, R2
1922-Ply 220 Black 1/8 x 1/16 MOR2BlackNA1/8"1/16"0.308C x C220-20/200F10100.151NANA
1912-Ply 220 Black 1/8 x 1/162BlackNA1/8"1/16"0.308C x C220-20/212F10100.12NA375, R2
1832-Ply 150 Black 1/32 x Bare2BlackNA1/32"Bare0.15C x B150-20/212F660.072125
1902-Ply 220 Black 1/8 x Bare MOR2BlackNA1/8"Bare0.245C x B220-20/200F10100.119NA187
1852-Ply 150 Black 1/32 x 1/322BlackNA1/32"1/32"0.18C x C150-20/210F660.0893125
1862-Ply 150 1/16 x Bare MOR Mini-Bucket Top2BlackNA1/16"Bare0.336C x B150-40/225F2.52.50.11125
1882-Ply 220 Tan Bare x Bare2TanNABareBare0.16Bare x Bare220-40/225F10100.0751125
1982-Ply 220 Black 3/16 x 1/162BlackNA3/16"1/16"0.37C x C220-20/350F10100.183NANA
462-Ply Poly 60 Black Checkout Belt2BlackPVC / Buna Blend1/32"FS0.0625C x FS600/250F1.51.50.0381D00
12-Ply 15 oz White Nitrile COS2WhiteNitrile3/64"FS0.0938C x FS350/250F220.0561A7
2792-Ply White Cotton Poly x Bare2WhitePolyurethane,CottonNABare0NA x Bare020/180F220.0362UX-1SPNA
2752-Ply White Bare x Bare2WhiteNABareBare0.6Bare x Bare014/194F0.80.80.036NA
2812-Ply Black Longitudinal Rib x BB2BlackNALRBare0.11NA x Bare014/176F220.056UCM36NA
3142-Ply 70 3/64 x FS2WhiteNA3/64"FS0.09C x FS700/250F220.171UCM36SP, UX-1SPNA
2392-Ply 150 Black Diamondback Top x BB2BlackNADTBare0.306DT x Bare150-40/250F2.52.50.1182125
2782 MF White COS2WhiteNACOSNA0.096COS x NA020/180F1.51.50.061,2SPNA
1133-Ply 330 3/16" x 1/16" MOR-SC3BlackSBR / Nitrile3/16"1/16"0.4063C x C330-25/225F18120.219NANA
3173-Ply 90 Teflon COS3WhiteNACOSNA0.094COS x NA90-65/300F330.0708NA125
3163-Ply 135 3/64 x FS White Nitrile3WhiteNitrile3/64"FS0.135C x FS1350/250F330.0698U2125
763-Ply CN40 Tan Rubber Roughtop FS3TanRubberRTFS0.3125RT x FS90-40/250F2.52.50.117
2383-Ply 105 Tan Pure Gum RT x BB3TanPure GumRTBare0.328RT x Bare105-30/180F440.1171125
2363-Ply 150 Blue Carboxylated RT x BB3BlueNARTBare0.274RT x Bare150-30/300F440.1052125
773-Ply CN40 Tan Pure Gum Roughtop FS3TanPure GumRTFS0.3125RT x FS90-40/250F220.10117
2373-Ply 135 Brown Nitrile Rough Top x BB3BrownNitrileRTBare0.313RT x Bare135-20/212F330.0952125
793-Ply 180 Tan Pure Gum Roughtop Bare3TanPure GumRTBare0.3125RT x Bare180-40/250F440.09427
523-Ply CN40 Tan (32 oz) FS x FS3TanRubberFSFS0.1406FBS90-40/250F2.52.50.062215
173-Ply Poly 135 White Nitrile Meatcleat3WhiteNitrileMCLTNA0.25C x NA1350/250F2.52.50.09317
813-Ply Poly 135 Brown Nitrile Roughtop FS3BrownNitrileRTFS0.25RT x FS1350/250F220.111
823-Ply Poly 135 Tan Carbox Nitrile Roughtop FS3TanCarbox NitrileRTFS0.2813RT x FS1350/250F220.111
3153-Ply 105 3/64 x FS White Nitrile3WhiteNitrile3/64"FS0.124C x FS1050/250F2.52.50.171UX-1,2SPNA
2413-Ply 135 Tan Diamond Top x BB3TanNADTBare0.358DT x Bare135-40/250F330.1282125
653-Ply 28 oz 1/16" Pebbletop x FS3BlackNA1/16"FS0.2188PT x FS90-40/250F440.1425
663-Ply HSW Black 1/8" Urethane x FS3BlackUrethane1/8"FS0.3125C x FS900/1/8"8F880.125535
643-Ply 28 oz Black 1/16" x FS3BlackNA1/16"FS0.2188Smooth x FS90-40/250F440.106425
453-Ply Poly 135 Black Nitrile COS3BlackNitrile3/64"FS0.1406C x FS1350/250F220.075115
623-Ply CN40 HSW 1/32" White Smooth Silicone x FS3WhiteSmooth Silicone1/32"FS0.1563C x FS90Cover: -100/500F; Carcass: -40/250F330.075325
513-Ply 28 oz Black FS x FS3BlackRubberFSFS0.125FBS90-40/250F2.52.50.056115
373-Ply Brown Nitrile FBS3BrownNitrileFSFS0.0625FBS360/250F0.750.750.0511D00
3183-Ply White Nitrile Meatcleat3WhiteNitrileMCLTNA0.254NA00/250F330.09U2125
193-Ply 135 Tan Nitrile COS3TanNitrile1/32"FS0.1563C x FS1350/250F2.52.50.081215
3113-Ply White Depanner3WhiteNANANA0.177NA014/230F440.062NANA
2423-Ply 240 Tan Diamond Top x BB3TanNADTBare0.39DT x Bare240-40/200F660.1293187
743-Ply 28 oz Black Roughtop x FS3BlackNARTFS0.3125RT x FS90-40/250F2.52.50.19917
183-Ply 90 Green Nitrile COS3GreenNitrileCOSFS0.0938C x FS900/250F220.0561A7
603-Ply Red Silicone Covered HSW3RedSilicone CoveredNANA0.1406Silicone Skim x FS90Cover: -100/500F; Carcass: -40/250F330.056215
593-Ply Hot Stock and Water (HSW)3WhiteNANANA0.1406Bare Duck x FS90-40/250F2.52.50.056215
833-Ply CN40 Blue Carbox Nitrile Roughtop FS3BlueCarbox NitrileRTFS0.2813RT x FS900/250F2.52.50.101215
223-Ply Solid Woven Cotton3WhiteSWCNANA0.125Untreated75-40/225F220.04417
2113-Ply 600 Black 1/4 x Bare3BlackNA1/4"Bare0.495C x B600-20/212F18180.251NANA
1112-Ply 330 3/64" x 3/64" MSHA/SC/MOR3BlackSBR / Nitrile3/64"3/64"0.2813C x C330-25/225F16100.125NANA
2253-Ply 330 Black 1/16 x 1/16 SOR-SC-FR3BlackNA1/16"1/16"0.312C x C330-30/200F14140.151NANA
2213-Ply Solid Woven Cotton3WhiteSWCNANA0.125NA0-60/225F220.041NA
1223-Ply 600 1/4" x 1/16"3BlackSBR1/4"1/16"0.625C x C600-25/225F24200.313NANA
63-Ply Poly 90 White Nitrile COS3WhiteNitrile1/32"FS0.0938C x FS900/250F220.0621A7
2153-Ply Hot Stock & Water3WhiteNANANA0.14NA0-20/250F440.0772125
83-Ply Poly 135 White Nitrile COS3WhiteNitrile1/32"NA0.1563C x FS1350/250F2.52.50.075215
123-Ply Poly 90 White Butyl COS3WhiteButyl1/32"FS0.0938C x FS90-65/300F1.51.50.0561A7
112-Ply Poly 150 White RMV COS3WhiteRMV3/64"FS0.1406C x FS1500/180F330.075215
23-Ply 15 oz White Nitrile COS3WhiteNitrile3/64"FS0.125C x FS520/250F2.52.50.075115
2123-Ply 600 Black 3/8 x 3/323BlackNA3/8"3/32"0.713C x C600-20/212F18180.363NA550, R6
133-Ply Poly 90 White Teflon COS3WhiteTeflon2/1000"FS0.0625Teflon x FS900/250F2.52.50.051D1
93-Ply Poly 135 White Nitrile 1/32 x 1/323WhiteNitrile1/32"1/32"0.1563C x C1350/250F330.107220
2713-Ply MF Green COS3GreenNACOSNA0.236COS x NA014/158F660.1153187
2073-Ply 330 1/4 x 1/16 EPDM3BlackNA1/4"1/16"0.46C x C330-25/400F12120.248NANA
2063-Ply 330 Black 1/4 x 1/163BlackNA1/4"1/16"0.46C x C330-20/212F12120.255NA550, R5
2053-Ply 330 Black 3/16 x 1/16 MOR3BlackNA3/16"1/16"0.425C x C330-20/200F12120.206NANA
2043-Ply 330 Black 3/16 x 1/163BlackNA3/16"1/16"0.425C x C330-20/212F12120.206NA550, R5
2033-Ply 330 Black 3/16 x Bare MOR3BlackNA3/16"Bare0.363C x B330-20/200F12120.174NANA
2023-Ply 330 Black 1/8 x 1/16 MOR3BlackNA1/8"1/16"0.363C x C330-20/200F12120.174NANA
1973-Ply 330 1/8 x Bare MOR Vee-Cleat3BlackNA1/8"Bare0.571C x B330-40/225F14140.21NANA
2133-Ply 32 oz. Tan FS x FS3TanNAFSFS0.127FBS0-40/250F2.52.50.0561125
1153-Ply 330 1/16" x Bare3BlackSBR / NR1/16"Bare0.2188C x B330-25/225F18120.125NANA
853-Ply CN40 Black Duralift FS3BlackNAVRFS0.40631/4" Inverted V-Ribs x FS90-40/250F330.12517
863-Ply CN40 Black Steepgrade FS3BlackNARTFS0.3125Oval Shaped Nubs x FS90-40/250F330.117
873-Ply CN40 Tan Pure Gum Steepgrade FS3TanPure GumRTFS0.3125Oval Shaped Nubs x FS90-40/250F2.52.50.11917
883-Ply CN40 Black Ribflex x FS3BlackNARBFLFS0.3438Serrated Rectangle Ribs x FS90-40/250F330.12517
913-Ply 225 Tan Wedgegrip x Bare3TanNAWGBare0.3125Diamond Shaped Walls x Bare225-40/250F440.12511
2353-Ply 225 Red Carboxylated RT x BB3RedNARTBare0.284RT x Bare2250/250F2.52.50.11125
2343-Ply 32 oz. Black Rough Top x BB3BlackNARTBare0.328RT x Bare0-30/180F440.091125
963-Ply 330 1/8" x 1'16" Cleattop MOR3BlackNA1/8"1/16"0.375CLT x NA330NA0.1250.250.265NANA
1083-Ply 225 1/8" x Bare MOR3BlackSBR / Nitrile1/8"Bare0.25C x B225-25/225F16100.156NANA
1103-Ply 225 1/16" x Bare3BlackSBR / NATR1/16"Bare0.1875C x B225-25/225F16100.119NANA
2273-Ply 600 Black 1/16 x 1/16 SOR-SC-FR3BlackNA1/16"1/16"0.344C x C600-30/200F18180.172NA
1143-Ply 330 3/32" x Bare MOR3BlackSBR / Nitrile3/32"Bare0.25C x B330-25/225F18120.15NANA
843-Ply CN40 Black V-Ridge FS3BlackNAVRFS0.31251/8" M-Shaped Ribs x FS90-40/250F2.52.50.117
1163-Ply 330 3/16" x Bare3BlackSBR / NR3/16"Bare0.375C x B330-25/225F18120.181NANA
163-Ply Poly 90 White Nitrile Pebbletop3WhiteNitrilePTNA0.125PT x FS900/250F2.52.50.062115
1183-Ply 330 1/4" x 1/16"3BlackSBR1/4"1/16"0.4688C x C330-25/225F18120.219NANA
1193-Ply 225 3/16" Tan Pure Gum x Bare3TanPure Gum3/16"Bare0.3438C x B225-40/250F1280.163NANA
2433-Ply 150 3/16 x BB3BrownNA3/16"Bare0.313C x B150-20/150F330.073125
1233-Ply 600 1/16" x 1/16" MSHA/SC/SOR3BlackSBR / Nitrile1/16"1/16"0.375C x C600-40/250F20180.2NANA
1253-Ply 330 3/16" x 1/16" Hot Asphalt SOR3BlackNitrile3/16"1/16"0.4063C x C33010/300F18120.214NANA
1273-Ply 330 1/4" x 1/16" Heat Resistant 400F3BlackNA1/4"1/16"0.4688C x C330-20/400F000.219NANA
1283-Ply 225 1/8" x Bare Heat Resistant 400F3BlackNA1/8"Bare0.25C x NA225-20/400F000.125NANA
1123-Ply 330 3/16" x 1/16"3BlackSBR3/16"1/16"0.4063C x C330-25/225F18120.213NANA
34-Ply 15 oz White Nitrile COS4WhiteNitrile3/64"FS0.1563C x FS640/250F330.076220
234-Ply Solid Woven Cotton4WhiteSWCNANA0.1875Untreated110-40/225F330.056320
704-Ply 180 Black 3/32" Smooth Nitrile x Bare4BlackNitrile3/32"Bare0.25C x B1800/225F440.101525
2284-Ply 800 Black 1/16 x 1/16 SOR-SC-FR4BlackNA1/16"1/16"0.406C x C800-30/200F24240.173NA
2264-Ply 440 Black 1/16 x 1/16 SOR-SC-FR4BlackNA1/16"1/16"0.344C x C440-30/200F18180.152NA
2224-Ply Solid Woven Cotton4WhiteSWCNANA0.187NA0-60/225F330.0532NA
2194-Ply Tan Sliptop4TanSliptopRTNA0.125RT x NA010/180F440.0621HT, 1SSNA
2164-Ply Hot Stock & Water4WhiteNANANA0.187NA0-20/250F660.0782125
2144-Ply 32 oz. Tan FS x FS4TanNAFSFS0.17FBS0-40/250F330.0772125
2094-Ply 440 Black 1/4 x 1/164BlackNA1/4"1/16"0.53C x C440-20/212F16160.271NA550, R6
2084-Ply 500 Black 1/4 x Bare MOR4BlackNA1/4"Bare0.5C x B500-20/200F18180.246NANA
1294-Ply 440 1/4" x 1/16" Heat Resistant 400F4BlackNA1/4"1/16"0.5313C x C440-20/400F000.244NANA
1214-Ply 440 3/8" x 3/32"4BlackSBR3/8"3/32"0.6875C x C440-25/225F24160.344NANA
1174-Ply 440 1/4" x Bare4BlackSBR / NR1/4"Bare0.5C x B440-25/225F20140.182NANA
1204-Ply 440 1/4" x 1/16"4BlackSBR1/4"1/16"0.5313C x C440-25/225F24160.269NANA
754-Ply 28 oz Black Roughtop FS4BlackNARTFS0.4063RT x FS125-40/250F440.2115
414-Ply Poly 180 Black HD Nitrile FBS4BlackHD NitrileFSFS0.1563FBS1800/250F220.088220
614-Ply Red Silicone Covered HSW4RedSilicone CoveredNANA0.1875Silicone Skim x FS120Cover: -100/500F; Carcass: -40/250F440.081325
424-Ply Poly 180 Black Neoprene FBS-SC4BlackNeopreneFSFS0.1094FBS180-20/250F220.056115
474-Ply Tan Sliptop4TanSliptopNANA0.125Hardwoven Nylon x FS48-20/250F220.056115
534-Ply CN40 Tan (32 oz) FS x FS4TanRubberFSFS0.1875FBS120-40/250F330.094325
554-Ply 35 oz Tan FS x FS Hard Silver Duck4TanNAFSFS Hard Silver Duck0.2344FS x Hard Silver Duck140-40/250F660.113427
634-Ply Hot Stock and Water (HSW)4WhiteNANANA0.1875Bare Duck x FS120-40/250F330.088325
804-Ply 240 Tan Pure Gum Roughtop Bare4TanPure GumRTBare0.3594RT x Bare240-40/250F880.112215
1495-Ply Poly 180 Black Neoprene FBS-SC5BlackNeopreneFSFS0FBS180-20/250F000NANA
45-Ply 15 oz White Nitrile COS5WhiteNitrile3/64"FS0.1875C x FS800/250F440.098425
435-Ply Poly 225 Black HD Nitrile FBS5BlackHD NitrileFSFS0.1719FBS2250/250F330.094320
545-Ply CN40 Tan (32 oz) FS x FS5TanNAFSFS0.25FBS150-40/250F660.1374-1/227
145-Ply CN40 White Teflon COS5WhiteTeflon2/1000"FS0.25Teflon x FS1500/250F660.107425
565-Ply 35 oz Tan FS x FS Hard Silver Duck5TanNAFSFS Hard Silver Duck0.3125FS x Hard Silver Duck175-40/250F880.156535
385-Ply Brown Nitrile FBS5BrownNitrileFSFS0.1094FBS600/250F1.51.50.0621A7
576-Ply 35 oz Tan FS x FS Hard Silver Duck6TanNAFSFS Hard Silver Duck0.375FS x Hard Silver Duck210-40/250F10100.181645
1506-Ply Poly 180 Black Neoprene FBS-SC6BlackNeopreneFSFS0FBS180-20/250F000NANA
207-Ply 210 Tan Nitrile COS7TanNitrile3/64"FS0.3125C x FS2100/250F880.163535
397-Ply Brown Nitrile FBS7BrownNitrileFSFS0.1563FBS840/250F330.088220
588-Ply 35 oz Tan FS x FS Hard Silver Duck8TanNAFSFS Hard Silver Duck0.5FS x Hard Silver Duck280-40/250F16100.213NR65
409-Ply Brown Nitrile FBS9BrownNitrileFSFS0.2031FBS1080/250F440.1327


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B Bare BW Basketweave C Cover Carbox Carboxilated
CBS Cover Both Sides CHV Chevron CHVII Chevron II CLT Cleat Top
COS Cover One Side CT Crescent Top DT Diamond Top EPDM Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Terpolymer
FBS Friction Both Sides FS Friction Surface FR Fire Retardant  HD Heavy Duty
HR Heat Resistance HSW Hot Stock and Water LD Light Duty LR Longitudinal Ribbed
LT Low Temp MD Medium Duty MF Monofiliment MCLT Meat Cleat
MOR Moderate Oil Resistance MSHA Mine Safety Health Administration MRT Mini Rough Top MT Matte Top
NA Not Applicable NBR Nitrile NM Non-Marking NR Not Recommended
NT Nipple Top OR Oil Resistance OSM Oil Service Medium PIW Per Inch Width
Poly Polyester PT Pebble Top PU Polyurethane PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride
RBFL Ribflex RFL Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex RMV Rubber Modified Vinyl RS Rough Structure
RT Rough Top SB Slider Bed SBR Styrene Butadiene Rubber SC Static Conductive
SMF Smooth Monofiliment SOR Super Oil Resistance SR Stain Resistance SWC Solid Woven Cotton
SWP Solid Woven Polyester TPU Thermol Plastic Urethane UB Urethane Back VR V-Ridge
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