Belting Accessories

Mechanical Fasteners
Clipper Wire Hooks
Clipper® Wire Hook System

The Clipper® Wire Hook System from Flexco provides for a quick and economical installation process.  The system uses a low-profile fastener allowing the belt to operate quietly and interface seamlessly with the conveyor components.  The double-staggered-grip pattern doesn’t degrade the integrity of the belt carcass.
Clipper Hook Catalog
Alligator Lacing
Alligator® Lacing System

Alligator® Lacing System by Flexco offers an economical, low-profile splice that is hammer applied - requiring no special installation tools.  The one-piece design provide uniform tension across the belt width and it is engineered to prevent pieces from working loose from belt.
Alligator Lacing Catalog
Spiral Lacing
Alligator® Spiral Lace

Alligator® Spiral Lace by Flexco is ideal for belt operations with small head pulleys that require both non-metallic and low-profile fasteners.  Made of FDA-compliant material with a removable hinge pin design that allows for easy cleaning of belts.

This product should be installed by a qualified belt shop with experience in endless splices.
Spiral Lacing Catalog
Dura-Splice and Dura-Splice Non-Sparking
Dura-Splice and Maxi-Splice
+ One size fits all pulley diameters.
+ Recommended for belts rated up to 800 PIW, and up to 1/2” overall thickness.
+ Offers extra safety and increased load capacity because belt is not weakened with excess bolt holes.

+ Available in Standard (Zinc plated cast ductile iron) or Non-Sparking (cast bronze)
Cements and Adhesives
Applying Adhesive
Polycol A&B

For Thermofix joining of conveyor belts with PET-fabric traction layer. All coatings including rubber are also glued with Polycol (no Vulcol/Polycol combination).

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