Conveyors and Components

Conveyors and Components

Jealco has been designing and selling conveyor systems, powered conveyors, gravity conveyors, portable conveyors, conveyor parts, and components for over 65 years.  We have a knowledgeable team ready to assist you with the installation, integration, or replacement of:
Conveyors and Components

Conveyor Rollers

Jealco sells conveyor rollers for all types of conveying applications.  Whether you need galvanized steel, PVC, or stainless steel rollers, be assured Jealco will have a solution for you.

Flexible Gravity Conveyors

Used as stand-alone or in conjunction with other conveyor systems, flexible conveyors deliver optimal utility and versatility for distribution centers and retail stores, as well as manufacturing, assembly and processing facilities.
NestaFlex Gravity 376 Skate Wheel Series
The NestaFlex gravity 376  flexible skatewheel conveyor is an extremely durable, heavy duty, gravity conveyor that provides the strength necessary to handle heavy cartons in high volume applications.
NestaFlex Gravity 226 Skate Wheel Series
The NestaFlex gravity 226 flexible skatewheel conveyor is a light-medium duty gravity conveyor that is designed to handle multi-sized cartons in low to medium volume applications.
NestaFlex Gravity 200 RLS Roller Series
The NestaFlex gravity 200 flexible roller conveyor is a light-medium duty gravity conveyor that is designed to handle odd shaped boxes, drums, and pails in low to medium volume applications.

Flexible Powered Conveyors

 Powered flexible conveyors provide maximum productivity in shipping, transportation and packaging applications where usability and adaptability are needed.
Bestflex Flexible Power 1.9 Series Roller Conveyor
With its innovative design, the BestFlex 1.9″ flexible power roller conveyor requires less storage space when fully retracted and can service multiple dock doors for maximum productivity.
Bestflex Flexible Power 1.5 Series Roller Conveyor
The BestFlex 1.5 flexible power roller conveyor offers consistency in its high performance and quality for shipping or receiving hundreds to thousands of packages a day.

Horizontal Belt Conveyors


Inclined Belt Conveyors


Roller Conveyors


Troughed Conveyors

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